About Us

ammjohn Pty. Ltd. (ammjohn) is a specialist project and construction management company providing a range of services to clients developing or constructing industrial plants and mining facilities. We have extensive experience and particular interest in the servicing the cement industry.

Staffed by highly experienced professionals, the company provides a range of project development and management services tailored to individual client requirements.

Our Way of Business

We value our reputation as a consistent provider of integrated project management services, maintaining high standards for people, safety and quality.

Our flexible approach to project delivery reflects our commitment to ensuring clients receive the most cost effective solution as part of the project delivery method while maintaining our statutory obligations at all times.

We can guarantee our ability to deliver due to our teams’ experience and commitment.

At Your Service

ammjohn Pty. Ltd. specialises in the provision of “Owners Team” (or Owner's Engineer) services. Frequently, ammjohn is called on to perform the roles which some clients describe as a "Group Engineering" function. While our clients’ specific requirements may vary, the fundamental value we bring does not. Whether we supply tailored services (ad hoc) or individuals seconded to the owner or a team of people, we aim to deliver real value to our clients.

Our aim is to ensure that clients and owners maintain control of their projects by assisting them with all aspects of project management. In doing so we address key questions as to whether or not the client’s appointed designers and constructors are delivering fair value in a timely and efficient manner. We are equipped to provide advice on all aspects and all problems that an owner is likely to encounter, before, during and after construction and commissioning.


ammjohn is pleased to offer its clients customised solutions or expertise in:

  • Project management for industrial projects
  • Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies
  • Risk management (including use of numerical methods for costing)
  • R&D managment
  • Site management
  • Project engineering
  • Site safety management
  • Project planning and scheduling
  • Cost control
  • Project recovery services
  • Specialist advice in cement manufacture, storage and dispatch
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Strategic Relationships

ammjohn has established strategic partnerships with a number of companies including:


Our Team

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Matthew Johnson - Principal (Mechanical Engineer)

Matthew has a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering. Matthew has had extensive experience in the Cement, Industrial and Mining construction management where he has worked on small, medium and large scale projects ($200 million). Matthew’s areas of expertise are in Project and Construction Management and with his vast experience in the Cement Industry he has overseen projects from the start of production through to the final product being despatched.

 Aaron Morrish – General Manager (& Mechanical Engineer)

Aaron has a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering and has vast experience in Industrial and Mining Construction. Aaron has worked world-wide on various projects ($70 million) including the drafting, design, supervision and installation of Mills. Aaron’s areas of expertise are in AutoCad, preparing, drafting and designing specific components, analysis of budgets and costings; time and motion studies and writing and implementing assorted work procedures.

Andrew Milchem - Commercial Manager (Mechanical Engineer)

Andrew has a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering, a Trade Certificate in Fitting and Machining and he is also a Master in Business Administration. Andrew has worked on various projects in Australia to the project value of $1.05 billion. Andrew’s areas of expertise are in Contract Management, resource Management and he has effective negotiation and dispute resolution skills.

Craig Easton – Mechanical Engineer

Craig has a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering, he had vast experience in the manufacturing, automation, project management and Quality Control (Auditor) prior to moving into the Construction & Mining Industry. Having filled a number of roles on the Port Kembla project (Cost Control, Schedule, Project Engineer, Development Approval, Environmental Officer etc), Craig has diverse skillset that provides a rounded view to project execution. Craig’s areas of expertise are project management (>$10 million), de-mobilisation and re-location of assort plants, the design and implementation of systems (not limited to Quality Control) and drafting and designing of specialist equipment and robotics.

Brett Washington – Mechanical Engineer

Brett has a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering and has had over twelve years experience in Project Management, Construction and Engineering. Brett has worked on a vast range of projects in mining and rail on small and large scale projects ($2 billion). Brett’s areas of expertise are in Project Management, Project Controls and also Mine Mechanical Commissioning and Supervision.

Martin Budz – Mechanical Engineer

Martin has a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering and has had over twelve years experience in Project Management, Manufacturing and Lead Commissioning Engineering, and has worked on various scales of projects within Australia. Martin’s areas of expertise are in Project Management (including close-out), concept, proposals and project development, detailed design, project estimations and construction management.

Peter Thorley - Mechanical Engineer

Peter possesses an enormous technical proficiency and capacity, able to quickly analyse engineering issues and deliver solutions. Originally posted to Hillgrove to fill a short term need, Peter’s management and engineering skills have seen him grow into an essential team member and is heavily relied upon to develop unique and cost competitive solutions to complex issues. He is now holds a pivot role in our OPS operations.