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  • pic-370x270-latent-heat-storage-briefThe original scope was to finish construction of a “near complete prototype system” developed by others.
    On initial inspection it was clear that it was far from complete. At this point ammjohn was commissioned to take over its development, from securing funding to high temperature materials testing, with a view to building a demonstration prototype model.
  • pic-370x270-latent-heat-storage-helpedammjohn have been involved with every aspect of the development and management of this project over the last 2-3 years including:
    • Developing the Business Case, assessing commercial viability
    • Marketing
    • Initiating and managing collaboration with Adelaide University
    • Identifying possible investor opportunities
    • Government Grant Applications
    • Research and Development
    • Materials Testing
    • Conceptual through to detailed design
  • pic-370x270-latent-heat-storage-outcomeHaving encountered numerous challenges ranging (both technical and commercial), ammjohn have now successfully developed and tested a small-scale prototype, providing sufficient investor confidence to finalise the design and begin construction on a full-scale prototype.

    Research into the design and materials is ongoing, leveraging the technical partnership with the University of Adelaide to maximise the potential of the project.