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Cement and Concrete Industries

ammjohn has a long history with the cement industry, having been involved with most Cement and Concrete producers in the Asia Pacific region.  Having built raw materials processing facilities such as the Raw Mill at Adelaide Brighton Cement right through to Silos at Melbourne Cement Facilities and on to post processing facilities such as the RCP factories for Holcim, ammjohn understands the Cement and Concrete industries better than any other provider.


Mining and Mineral Processing

Having been at the front line of establishing a number of Mine sites, managing the exit of others, all while assisting the ongoing operations, ammjohn have the ability to project manage all facets of a mining and mineral resource facility.  ammjohn has established strategic partnerships with some of Australia’s industry leaders in the mineral processing markets, and is able to leverage this expertise to materialize efficient and cost effective solutions.

Bulk Materials Handling (including Marine)

Our combined experience in Mineral, Mining, Cement and Concrete has delivered a wealth of experience in the handling of bulk materials.  This experience has seen ammjohn deliver a number of bulk facilities all over Australia and the world, with ship loading facilities in Singapore, Cement Receiving in New Zealand, and marine terminals all over Australia.  With this wealth of knowledge, ammjohn is able to deliver cost-effective solutions tailored to both the client and industry’s needs.

Renewable Energy Storage

A growth industry throughout the world, ammjohn made the move into the development of renewable energy storage systems with a revolutionary storage concept.  Envisaging the potential of this system, ammjohn has worked tirelessly to bring the concept to market, engaging with both national, and international leaders in the energy sector. 

Food Processing

A recent development has seen ammjohn move into the food industry, utilizing the same focus on safety, quality and delivery to provide cost effective solutions.  ammjohn’s experience has already yielded significant dividends, providing clients with market insight and contracting strategies that have dramatically reduced commercial and technical risks.